Manifest Sacred Spaces

Whine Free Kids in minutes (works on planes, at the stores, even at bedtime)

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{Raise} your vibratory frequency

and keep the energy you have worked so hard to clear



  • Have a Sacred Space to heal and cocoon right at home.

  • Process your feelings and raise your frequency back to love.

  • Discover your gifts and have a space to incubate your energy.

  • Connect more quickly with your angels and guides.

  • Practice energy clearing of your chakras and crystals

  • + so much more!

What you will receive:

1. Manifesting Sacred Spaces ebook

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  • 30+ pages of all my goddess wisdom

  • over 22+ hands on exercises to practice setting up sacred spaces

  • And my very own recipe for Clearing Energies

2. Five Videos to guide you through the course each weekvideos



+ BONUS #1:  Energy healing videos to help clear + uplift the energy in your home + biz.



3. A private online group  to meet other beautiful souls like yourself to share + uplift one another and…


4. LIVE Q&A on Private Forum Online Group, I will be there to answer questions personally and troubleshoot any space clearing issues with you!


  perfect sacred space on coffee table

Week 1 Meditation Queen Space Boundaries

Setting Sacred Intentions for Sacred Manifestation.

“Writing your Sacred Yes + Sacred No”

Week 2 Clearing your Sacred Space

Discover the magical clearing tools I use to clear homes + businesses

+ Which Archangels can clear spaces?

sacred spaces 6

Week 3 Space Protection

Creating a Sacred Shield

Sacred Prayers + Goddess Demeter


Week 4: Spaces Made Sacred

3 Sacred ways to invite light + healing into your space

Discover Archangel Metatron for Creating Sacred Spaces

sacred book open

Week 5: Manifesting Sacred Spaces on the Go

During your travel

@ your hotel room

+ How to Create Sacred Circles


 Bonus: Manifest the Sacred Space of your Dreams

manifest the sacred space of your dreams




Q: Will you help me one on one?

A: I will be on the forum to read your comments + questions and answer you directly. If you need one on one help live on the phone, you can schedule a  support session here.

Q: What if I have never worked with energies before or even meditated? Can I still do all the exercises?

A: Oh yes you will! You know the journey to becoming a Meditation Queen is all about discovery and awakening to that special gift of healing and manifesting you have within. If you never try to discover and awaken how will you ever know what you have waiting to be discovered within?

I also didn’t come out of my mother’s womb knowing what my soul’s gift of healing was like or how to meditate for that matter. I had to start in my 20s in a classroom surrounded by other women whom I had never met with a strange man looking through me at what I later learned was my ‘heart chakra’. It was terrifying. But I am so glad I stuck around and soon couldn’t stop attending these life changing workshops.

You too will be presently surprised at how fast you can remember what was essentially your very first language: the language of energy.


Prices are going up October 1 2014!

Get the support + ebook + videos for only



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