About Danielle DoveBonjour!
I am Danielle Dove and it is so good to meet you!

The Meditation Queen Movement is for you the Solo CEO, Artist, do-it-all mama who needs to make the best decisions for her life + business.

Through meditation, I can teach you how to activate your Success Coordinator, your higher self so it can guide you towards the manifestation of your goals.

Using my Meditating Crown to connect to my higher self has guided me to create a certification program in a healing modality, produce 2 meditation CDs, organize and sell out on spiritual retreats and move across the world with my baby boy to my heaven on earth.


My Success Coordinator guides me towards the highest and best in my business and life.

And if you found me, your higher self guided you here for a reason.  If you are a Solo CEO, Artists, Healer, do-it-all mama and Solo Entrepreneur working from home, these welcome gifts can activate your Success Coordinator, your higher self.

Help the world heal having incredible adventures along the way doing what you absolutely love and were made to do!

I am currently enjoying life + farmer’s markets in the South of France and when I am not practicing conscious parenting with my son I am creating e-courses for Happy Soul eSchool and privately activating and healing my client’s light body.

To join the movement and receive your two free gifts, just pop your your Name + Email in the form to the right so I can send you the Shine Brightly Meditation and the Meditation Queen Living It How-to Guide.

With a bounty of love and clear intuition,

Danielle Dove


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