• Goodbye, negativity. Hello, peace and freedom. Having trouble focusing or concentrating? Lost your happiness? Feeling stuck, sad, depressed? There is a way out. And it starts inside you.

Hello Gorgeous Soul!

Do these sound familiar?

  • I wake up at night worried about things….
  • I over-eat and my feelings overwhelm me..
  • Communicating scares me to pieces, I don’t know how to do it well
  • I get easily stressed out by other people’s energies
  • I never have enough time to meditate or develop my connection to spirit

These top issues, if left unattended, have the power to shift your vibration from that of peaceful and empowered to overwhelmed, stressed and sick.

There is a way out of the clouds and exhausting confusion.  If you struggle shifting anything in your life, there is a very simple solution you can start implementing today in your life.

It begins with letting go so you can sit still long enough to begin remembering who you really are:

In truth, you are much more than a man or a woman simply here to work and provide until you take your last breath.

You are an amazing mass of energy with centers of gravitational pull which work with you to attract that which you wish to experience into your sphere of existence. 

chakra chakras healing dove

That’s how powerful you are.

If you feel ready to let go and experience spiritual healing meditations, learn more about your chakras and your innate magical abilities as well as the effect of your emotional pain body in your life – you have definitely come to the right place.


Hi!About Danielle Dove

I am Danielle Dove and it is so good to meet you!

As a CERTIFIED ANGEL THERAPY PRACTITIONER®, Energy Healer and a direct voice trance channel, I have been given access to beautiful sources of information which allows me to empower others, with the goal to seed long lasting and effective healing and peace on this planet.

I know what you are capable of once you are free from:

  • Draining emotions, often not even yours but those your clairsentience picked up from someone else, or from old events in your past
  • Resistance to doing what you really want, what you feel called to do
  • Energetic cords and the mental patterns and lack of approval creating those cords over and over again

“An intuitive woman, is always an empowered woman.”

I have been able to travel the world teaching the 5 Pillars of Happiness, Earth Angels in Training and Healing Dove Therapy.  I have recorded and produced 2 chakra clearing meditation CDs (sold on Amazon, iTunes and CdBaby), organize and sell out on spiritual retreats, wrote 4 ebooks and many more ecourses now available at www.happysoulschool.com.

I am living a grateful life in the South of France raising my little boy in a sustainable, organic, community centered town in beautiful Provence.


You’ve waited long enough.


I would like to invite you to get started today, don’t wait another day, to clear your auric field, cut your cords and browse through the life shifting content here on my blog.

Here are your easy steps, pick the ones you feel guided to do today:


Freedom Party Package with Danielle Dove

1. Book your complimentary clarity session this week to see if the Freedom Party Package is right for you.


2. To download the aura clearing meditation + the Meditation Queen manual, simply submit your email address to the right or do it here.


3. You can also register for free at  www.happysoulschool.com if you would like to take your free life purpose quiz (you will automatically be registered for my Beautiful Shifts ezine and also receive the welcome gifts). Check out any current or upcoming LIVE classes you might want to take.

4. Join us every Wednesday to cut your cords. You will receive an email on Wednesday to party into freedom with us at a super secret location.


Deep heart to heart welcome. It is so good to see you here, feel your presence and give you a sacred space where you can feel shielded, protected and nourished by the highest white light.


Danielle Dove







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